Trends in Photography

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Eileen Rafferty examines major trends happening in the medium today and discuss the key innovators working with these techniques.

The Art of Photography

One of the greatest youtube channels

Russian born photographer Alexey Titarenko is one of the more important young contemporary artists. Known for his long exposure technique, he approaches photography from an opposite direction where backgrounds stay in focus as people form blurry masses of motion. Also a master printer, Titarenko's techniques are often born of necessity.The City Is A Novel on Amazon: people more about this item. What's it about and what makes it interesting? To make this item your own click here > Add & Manage Items.

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The magnificent Len Speier

TFrom the fine art of photographing the Big Apple, day or night, and in fair weather or foul, Len provides the insights needed to capture the essence of the city surrounding you. Len offers his knowledge, wit, and good humor that you can take to the street. His engaging photos give the inspiration and motivation to go forth and create.Len Speier's Website

B&H eventspace on Composition

By David Brommer

In this Event Space seminar, David Brommer covers the basic concepts of composition as established by the masters of the Renaissance. Commencing with the classic rule of thirds and leaping into theories of color and balance, David touches upon a range of topics, including image construction, positive and negative space, as well as other advanced composition.

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